At Doodledoos we are being asked more and more "is the Labradoodle suitable for allergy sufferers?"

The answer is: "very often, yes!"

However, there are many different allergies and sometimes people find that they are allergic to not only dog hair, but also dog saliva and urine which is a problem if you want to have a puppy.  NOT ALL LABRADOODLES ARE SUITABLE FOR ALLERGY SUFFERERS!

The Labradoodle is not a hypo-allergenic dog. 


The Australian Labradoodle (ASD or Multi Gen) usually has a coat that is called 'fleece' which means that it will not shed.  This is very often the type of coat that will suit people with allergies that are triggered by animal hair. 

100% Australian Labradoodles can have wavy or spiral (curly) fleece coats like Preston (spiral) and Bondi (wavy).

Other 100% Australian Labradoodles have a wool coat (see Sunnie right) which is much thicker and more springy which should also be non shedding.   Whether wool or fleece, the 100% Australian Labradoodle needs professional grooming because the coat continues to grow and does not shed or moult.


People with very mild allergies who already have dogs or other pets at home will be more confident that a low-shedding Labradoodle such as a good quality 50% or 75% Australian Labradoodle will suit them.  50% Labradoodles have one quarter Labrador heritage and the 75% have an eighth, so there will always be an element of shedding, but we have consistently found that approx 80% of our 50% Labradoodles have superb quality fleece coats that are low shedding (see Ginger) and our 75% litters have so far produced excellent quality fleece coats with minimal shedding. 


The best choice for those who have allergic reactions to pet hair and have had an allergy test by a specialist, is to choose an ASD Labradoodle.


There are no guarantees however, and we recommend that if you have allergies and are unsure as to what triggers a reaction, that you see an specialist (your GP should be able to refer you) before investing your time, money and love on a new puppy. 


100% Multi Gen

Bondi 100% (wavy fleece)

Sunnie (Multi Gen Wool)

Milo 50% (curly fleece)

Betty 50% (hair scruffy)

Rufus 75% (wavy fleece)

Lydia 75% 

(wavy fleece)

Preston (100% spiral fleece)

Milo (100% curly fleece)

Gus (75% wavy fleece)

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