Please read and agree to our Code of Ethics before committing.

* Our puppies are born and socialised within the family unit, mixing from an early age with our own two young children and other pets.

* Our dogs are properly housed, fed, watered and exercised.

* We will not breed from any bitch under 17/18 months old, preferably 18 months old (miniatures), that has not been hip scored, elbow scored, BVA Eye Tested Clear and DNA tested for prcd form of PRA (Pro Retinal Atrophy) and also vet checked before mating, and will not breed consecutive seasons.  

* We do not release our puppies to their new homes before 8 weeks of age.

* We do not not sell our puppies or dogs to pet shops, or to be given as a prize in a contest of any kind.

* We ensure all our dogs have the appropriate vaccinations and veterinary attention when required.

* We provide written instructions (diet sheet, helpful hints etc) to all new owners on physical, emotional and social care. 

* We provide written instructions on all dietary, worming, and immunisation requirements and offer 4 weeks free insurance with each puppy.

* We will not knowingly misrepresent, advertise or mislead anyone regarding the characteristics of any dog.

* We ask all new owners to enter into a Puppy Contract - giving both parties peace of mind.

* We will only sell dogs to homes that can offer happy healthy lives and responsible ownership to our puppies and will help with re-homing should circumstances change.

* A deposit is a serious commitment to The Breeder that you wish to reserve/purchase a puppy from us and is non-refundable should your circumstances change or you disagree with the CoE AFTER leaving the deposit.  A deposit is only refundable if The Breeder is unable to fulfil the obligation to provide you with a puppy of the preferred colour/gender.  Visitors will be permitted into our home after showing their serious intent to purchase a puppy from us by paying the deposit prior to visiting.

* All our Puppies are microchipped and receive their first vaccinations before leaving for their new homes - I am a qualified Microchipper (Peddymark).

* We reserve the right to decline selling a puppy/adult dog to a prospective new owner for whatever reason.

* We offer an after-care service, for as long as you and your new puppies need us. 

* We are a private home in which our puppies are raised, and therefore we ask that all visitors wear the protective footwear and gloves that we provide on Viewing and Collection Days.

* Viewing is permitted provided the Breeder has approved your application and you have paid a deposit.

We are proud to be Founder Members of The UK Doodle Club and the UK Australian Labradoodle Club - promoting good health, responsible breeding, sound temperaments and transparency.  We are also FIVE STAR Licenced Breeders - Herefordshire Council - N-DOG08.

Our Australian Labradoodles will be spayed and neutered in accordance with the Code of Ethics for the breed, by the breeder's highly experienced and fully qualified Veterinary Surgeon, before leaving for their new homes.  This incurs a cost of approx £200 which is absorbed within the cost of each puppy.

ALLERGIES:   We will not be held responsible for any Allergic Reaction that anyone may experience or develop. It is the responsibility of the Puppy Purchaser to seek an Allergy Specialist's advise prior to reserving a Puppy. We cannot Guarantee 100% that Your Labradoodle will not shed their coat, nor that their coat will not fade/Lighten. There is no way of guaranteeing the exact size of Your Labradoodle when fully grown. If it becomes necessary through personal circumstances that a Puppy Purchaser needs to re-home their Labradoodle, we will make every effort to assist in finding a suitable home, by way of advertising on our website or Facebook page. We cannot have Puppies/dogs brought back to our home due to the risk of infection and in order to minimise stress for the puppy. So in the event that you need to rehome your puppy or dog, we will put you in touch with interested parties for you to liaise direct.  Refunds are not given by the Breeder.

All puppy buyers must read this Code of Conduct and agree to it BEFORE a reservation can be accepted from Doodledoos.

Purchasing a puppy is a lifetime commitment.  We expect our puppy purchasers to understand that puppy ownership holds great responsibility and dedication.  A new puppy is not a play-thing to be discarded or handed back when things get hard.  We ask all future owners of ANY puppy to think very carefully of all the implications involved in taking on a new puppy BEFORE making a commitment to the breeder.   

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