We find that many people wish to place their names on a waiting list (with a deposit) ith us in order to secure a Labradoodle Puppy from a future litter that will be ready to take home at a convenient time of year (for instance after family holidays or prior commitments).  This works well with us because we are able to establish a rapport with our new customers right from the start - before the puppies are born, until the day you collect your new puppy.  We realise that buying a new puppy can be a daunting prospect and we therefore aim to make your contact with us as informative and helpful as we can.  A great place to start is to CLICK on our Enquiry Form Link which will take you to a simple form where you can tell us a little bit about yourselves and your kind of lifestyle.    We ask that you carry out as much research as possible before making a commitment and agree to our code of ethics as well as making yourself familiar with our visiting policy which is explained on this page before making your application. 


In the first instance, on receipt of your email enquiry or telephone call, we will let you know when we anticipate a litter that may have a puppy to suit your family and timings.  It helps us to know a little bit about your lifestyle (ie what your family and work commitments are) and if you have done any research into the Breed.  We like to be satisfied that you are ready for a new commitment and that you have the necessary space and protection in your garden to accommodate safe play and training a new puppy.   Feel free to telephone at any stage.


We ask that you read through our Code of Ethics (See below) and make sure that you agree to them BEFORE reserving a puppy from us.  Deposits are non-refundable should you not agree to the COE AFTER reservations have been accepted or if you let us down by not going ahead with the sale after the viewing ay.   

BLOCK BOOKING:  Some customers leave deposits with more than one breeder, so that they do not miss out on a puppy.  This is strictly prohibited by ourselves at Doodledoos and most other respectable breeders for the following reasons: 1.  This involves letting down at least one other breeder at the last minute, which is neither fair to the puppy nor to the breeders involved.  2.  It causes other families to miss out  and 3.  it means that the customer forfeits the deposit as it is not refundable in this instance.

Should we have to let YOU down or we are unable to provide a puppy for you for any reason, then the deposit is of course refundable. All our puppies are neutered at around 9 weeks of age in accordance with the Australian Labradoodle Code of Ethics and all customers must be aware that the costs involved are absorbed in the overall price of the puppy.




On condition that both parties are happy, we will ask you for a Deposit (a minimum of £300) and on receipt of this will add your name to our waiting list.   Our preferred method of payment is Bank Transfer.  Please note this is a non-refundable deposit (see above), so it is very important that you read/agree to our Code of Ethics before making any transactions.   Once your deposit is received we are able to send you our e-book which includes a comprehensive look into puppy ownership, how to prepare and what to do when you get your puppy home in the first few days and weeks.  Our Doodledoos e-book is available exclusively to our Puppy Customers.


We email you regularly to let you know how the pregnancy is developing and of course when the great day (or night!) arrives and the puppies are born.   Once the puppies are born we let you know what we have and if we are unable to supply the gender or colour of puppy you desire, then we refund your deposit straight away.  Sometimes there is an opportunity to transfer your deposit to a similar litter due in the same time frame if this is appropriate.  We reserve the right to withdraw a sale if we feel that the applicant is unsuitable in anyway and the deposit will be refunded.   Please understand that a deposit is an earnest intention to commit to buying a puppy from us and if the purchaser reneges on the agreement to purchase a puppy for whatever reason, then the deposit is not refundable.  Likewise your deposit ensures that no one else can interfere with the purchase of your puppy from us, as the deposit 'holds' him/her for you until it is time to collect and any advertising for that puppy is withdrawn. 



After the puppies are born, they and their Mum are kept quiet, warm and clean in a specially adapted whelping room within the family home, where their every need is catered for.  We post photographs of their development via email every week for you to see how the litter is progressing and we involve you as much as we can by letting you know when they open their eyes, take their first steps and eat their first solid meal.   At 6-7 weeks old the puppies are socialised, robust and independent and Mum is relaxed enough to cope with visitors.  It is at this time that we hold our 'viewing weekend' when the puppies have had their first vaccinations.  We invite our special customers to come and meet us, Mum and her puppies.  I am a qualified Microchip Implanter (Petlog) and so our puppies are always microchipped at 6 weeks of age, making them easily identifiable.  We encourage you to bring any toys or blankets for your puppy and also take photos/video clips of this special time.  You will not be able to touch the puppies at this tender age. 


Our Viewing Day is open exclusively to those who have already reserved a puppy from a particular litter.  This gives our puppy buyers confidence that their puppy is not going to be handled by anyone other than ourselves, although they are socialised and participate in our own family life, experiencing all that life entails with young children and teens!  Infectious diseases can be spread unwittingly by those visiting various breeding establishments 'looking' to purchase a puppy, so we have set a procedure for visitors which is strict but respectful to the puppies, our purchasers and of course our own family.   If you feel that you are unable to make a quality decision without first visiting a breeder and seeing the puppies before you commit, we would advise that you do thorough research and speak with a breeder AT LENGTH before visiting.  We are unable to arrange an appointment for you to visit without receiving a deposit from you beforehand.


Please note that we have very strict hygiene standards and treat our bio-security extremely seriously, so we ask ALL visitors to wear protective footwear and gloves while inside our home (which we provide for you). 

Out of respect for those customers already on the waiting list and their growing puppies, we do not allow visitors who would 'just like to look' at either the puppies or our adult dogs. 









The many changes that take place over the past 10 weeks culminate in this special and memorable day for our puppy customers.  The puppies travel to their new homes very well and bonding begins in earnest.  Nothing gives us more pleasure than hearing puppy progress reports and photo updates.

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Viewing Day

Bio-Security, Hygiene & Visiting Policy

* Our puppies are born and socialised within the family unit, mixing from an early age with our own two young children and other pets.

* Our dogs are properly housed, fed, watered and exercised.

* We will not breed from any bitch under 17/18 months old, preferably 18 months old (miniatures), that has not been hip scored, elbow scored, BVA Eye Tested Clear and DNA tested for prcd form of PRA (Pro Retinal Atrophy) and also vet checked before mating, and will not breed consecutive seasons.  

* We do not release our puppies to their new homes before 8 weeks of age.

* Our puppies are ESNd (Early Spay and Neutered) before leaving for their new homes.  We do not sell un-neutered dogs on contract unless there is a medical reason.

* We do not not sell our puppies or dogs to pet shops, or to be given as a prize in a contest of any kind.

* We ensure all our dogs have the appropriate vaccinations and veterinary attention when required.

* We provide written instructions (diet sheet, helpful hints etc) to all new owners on physical, emotional and social care. 

* We provide written instructions on all dietary, worming, and immunisation requirements and offer 4 weeks free insurance with each puppy.

* We will not knowingly misrepresent, advertise or mislead anyone regarding the characteristics of any dog.

* We ask all new owners to enter into a Puppy Contract - giving both parties peace of mind.

* We will only sell dogs to homes that can offer happy healthy lives and responsible ownership to our puppies and will help with re-homing should circumstances change.

* A deposit is a serious commitment to The Breeder that you wish to reserve/purchase a puppy from us and is non-refundable should your circumstances change or you disagree with the CoE AFTER leaving the deposit.  A deposit is only refundable if The Breeder is unable to fulfil the obligation to provide you with a puppy of the preferred colour/gender.  Visitors will be permitted into our home after showing their serious intent to purchase a puppy from us by paying the deposit prior to visiting.

* All our Puppies are microchipped and receive their first vaccinations before leaving for their new homes - I am a qualified Microchipper (Peddymark).

* We reserve the right to decline selling a puppy/adult dog to a prospective new owner for whatever reason.

* We offer an after-care service, for as long as you and your new puppies need us. 

* We are a private home in which our puppies are raised, and therefore we ask that all visitors wear the protective footwear and gloves that we provide on Viewing and Collection Days.

* Viewing is permitted provided the Breeder has approved your application and you have paid a deposit.

We are proud to be Founder Members of The UK Doodle Club, The ALAUK  and the UK Australian Labradoodle Club - promoting good health, responsible breeding, sound temperaments and transparency.

Any Labradoodles with Australian infusions will be spayed and neutered by the breeder before leaving for their new homes.  This incurs a cost of approx £200 which is absorbed within the cost of each puppy.


All puppy buyers must read this Code of Conduct and agree to it BEFORE a reservation can be accepted from Doodledoos.

Purchasing a puppy is a lifetime commitment.  We expect our puppy purchasers to understand that puppy ownership holds great responsibility and dedication.  A new puppy is not a play-thing to be discarded or handed back when things get hard.  We are unable to take puppies back if your circumstances change, but we may be able to help with rehoming should it become absolutely necessary for you.  We cannot refund the value of your puppy if it becomes necessary to rehome him/her.  We ask all future owners of ANY puppy to think very carefully of all the implications involved in taking on a new puppy BEFORE making a commitment to the breeder.   

Code of Ethics

Doodledoos Price List

Please note that an initial deposit of min £300 is required to reserve a puppy or go on our waiting list.

UK Customer Price for 100% Australian Labradoodle regardless of size, colour or coat type.

To include keeping the puppy to 9/10 weeks of age. £75 per week is charged for every week thereafter until puppy is collected.

Europe/Worldwide Package

To Include Pet Passport, Rabies Vaccination and keeping the puppy until 15 weeks of age.

From £2850 - deposit £500

From £1995 - deposit £300

  • Tell us about yourself using the application form, or give Sarah a call/send an email.


  • Let us know when you can take on a new puppy


  • Provided your criteria is suitable for one of our puppies (ie lifestyle/home/suitability) we will advise which litter may suit you and your family.


  • Provided both parties are happy, your deposit will secure a puppy and a viewing can be arranged at a mutually convenient time.  visiting is strictly on View Day.  We do not allow visits before the puppies have had their 1st vaccinations.


  • Why do you have to leave a deposit to go on the waiting list?


  • This helps us to establish who is serious about having a puppy from us.  We receive so many enquiries every day that it would be impossible to keep track of who wanted a puppy from us.  The list helps us to determine and plan breeding schedules as well as keep our customers informed in an efficient and helpful way.  If you would rather not part with any money before visiting a breeder, we should make you aware that visiting breeders 'looking for the right puppy' contributes to the spread of deadly diseases and you risk the possibility of supporting unscrupulous breeding practises.

In Detail

In Short

I always reply to any enquiries promptly. If you have not received a response to your email enquiry, please make sure to check your JUNK box in case the reply has found its way there bymistake!
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