Dear Sarah.  I was looking at your lovely website over the weekend and realised that it’s been a while since I sent you a photo of Milo – so here’s one attached. We have changed groomers and feel that this one does a lovely job with him – I hope you agree!
He is doing really well. I do agility with him once a week which always brings a smile to mine and the other participants’ faces – he is absolutely brilliant at the weaves and the jumps but is quite fearful of the seesaw and the dog walk (we think he has a fear of heights!). So, we are taking it steady and hoping to build up his confidence. Last week he impressed us all as he went into the weaves from the wrong side, corrected himself and carried on – he is SO bright.  Best wishes, Janice. 



We bought our first labradoodle from Doodledoos over 5 years ago, she was a fabulous puppy and a joy to train. Dolly is a F1 labradoole and is very low shedding but most importantly a lovely dog to have around who loves the company of other dogs and people alike (she is excellent with children). Two years later we bought Teddy Edward a 50 50 labradoodle from Sarah at Doodledoos.  He is very different to Dolly - he loves 'learning' and having a job where as Dolly is quite happy snuggled up on the sofa! Teddy thrives at obedience and agility alike and is very keen to please.  We were enjoying our doodles so much we deciced to take the plunge and purchase Rufus.  Rufus is 75% Australian Labradoodle with the most amazing fleece coat.  He is very laid back, cuddly and sociable. He has begun his obedience training and is progressing well in class. We we take our doodles out and about with us including on holiday and into cafes etc, and they are always well behaved and people (doodle and non doodle) love to meet them all.  We would highly recommend a Dodledoos labradoodle and are eternally grateful to Sarah for all her support over the years.  Nat

Dear Sarah

Now that Molly is a year old I thought I would let you know how she's getting on.

She has settled in a treat and is proving to be a fabulous companion to us all. She is enjoying a wonderful life with us in Cornwall and loves her walks on the cycle paths, coastal paths, along the beach or just a trip to the bus stop to pick up the kids. She has "forced" herself to be a 5th member of the family because she just loves being with us whatever we're doing so we just take her everywhere we go.
We have recently been promoted to advanced dog training which we still attend as and when after school activities allow and she enjoys it thoroughly- especially tricks which involve retrieving and very fast agility! We still struggle with emergency stop because she's so speedy & skids all the way to the end of the hall unable to contain her enthusiasm! Dog training has also been an eye opener for me because on the occasion when we had to "swop" dogs to for them to practice being handled by a stranger, I came out in itchy bumps & started wheezing - so Molly was definitely the right breed for us.
We found a great groomer in Truro called Barking n Butch & they work wonders with her.  I think it's a special event for both parties!
We put a huge amount of work into socialising her from day one and it has definitely paid off as she is VERY friendly, extremely popular at the school gates as she is wonderful with children (I'm convinced she thinks she's a 10yr old boy!) extremely gentle and wants to play with any dog even scary looking ones....!
In a nutshell she is gorgeous and we all love her to bits!   ZOE

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We LOVE receiving progress reports from our Puppy Families and hearing all about the antics of our wonderful Doodles. 

If you have a Doodledoos Doodle - feel free to drop us a line and send some photos.   Thank you!

Dear Sarah
Just wanted to let you know our miniature labradoodle chocolate brown little girl Lola is the best thing that has happened to our family, she is loved so very much and has a great life with us at home in Wales and at our caravan in Porthmadog running free on the beach and having fantastic hill walks. She is so fun, loving and intelligent and loved by all who meet her. She was one of your F1 hybrids and just wanted to let you know 5 years on how much she has become a close member of our family.
She is such a big character in our lives I just wanted to let you know how she turned out !
Best wishes
Sue Darren Matthew and Lucy









































Dear Sarah,
I feel this update is long overdue but I have been looking forward to telling you all about Breagha (Jazzle).
She settled into her new surroundings incredibly well and has been a good puppy, very receptive and easy to train. We have been going to Good Citizen classes and she would have easily got her bronze award had we been able to go along on the day. The trainer agrees with me and says she is a wee star and I intend taking her to agility classes in a couple of months.
She loves our three grandsons and is being taught new football skills every week!
She has two walks a day, one free running on the downs or on N.T Polesden Lacey land and one walking into the village. Her recall responses started off really well but the last month or so she has gone into that infuriating adolescent phase when half the time she pushes her luck and ignores our calls and whistles and we have to rely on other dog owners to grab her while she dances with their dogs! We will get there eventually.
I have kept her on your chosen Royal Canine complete food but now mix it with Burn's complete wet food sachets and she loves her treats of raw carrots, natural yogurt, cheese, pilchards, mince and chicken. I think I can safely say she has a good diet. The boys are very careful around her and know she is not allowed " human food"!!
She had her first clip about a month ago and I must say, although I was reluctant to ay goodbye to the shaggy dog look, grooming is much easier and she still looks just as cute.
As I write this she is stretched out on the other settee totally zonked.....the first of our dogs ever to be so privileged...but she is very good at going in her crate at bedtime and is also very good in the car. We are going to Scotland in a few weeks time so she will have her first beach experience.
So, as you can probably see, Breagha is a happy, clever little dog and we are delighted with her. I hope you have enjoyed catching up with her.
F1, 75%, 50%

























Hi Sarah,
Just letting you know that Roxy has settled really well, no crying at all.   Sonja and I are still sleeping downstairs with her.  She seems to get braver every minute and is clearly very brave. She explores EVERYTHING, and is very active. She really seems very clever, I believe she knows her name already and she definitely knows what she is expected to do outdoors. She has already met my sister's ASD and to start with Roxy was scared but that passed very quickly and then Roxy was a real nuisance to the other dog who was very patient with Roxy. Lovely to watch. Yesterday she got her second jab and I was so proud of her, she was so brave and good. Today she is first time with me at work and again, she is just brilliant. She seems so clever. You really have managed to bring up really good dogs. We are very, very pleased.

Patricia and Matthew, Finland.


















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Hi Sarah
I just thought I would send you a quick email to let you know how Poppy is getting on. We are all so delighted with her and have fallen head over heels! She is a lovely puppy with bags of personality, and she really adores the boys which is lovely. We couldn't imagine life without her now as she has fitted into our family so well, even though she has only been with us for just over 5 weeks. Her training is going well and she learnt to 'sit', give her 'paw', lie 'down' and stand 'up' with no problem at all, she is nearly there with 'stay'! Her toilet training is great too, she has the odd accident but with the patio doors open much of the time it is sometimes easy to mistake in for out!! She loves her walks and is very friendly and confident with other dogs, enjoying a play off the last, over the last two weeks I have found the courage to let her off the lead and so far all has gone well. Her recall is good and we are using a whistle and tempting treats to practice, she doesn't tend to stray far from me which is great. She loves children and seems to have adopted the neighbors kids and the boys' friends as her extended family.  I hope all is well with you, your family and all your doodles.
Very best wishes and many thanks for Poppy,
Emma, Raj, Jacob, Tommy and Poppy

Dear Sarah
Hope all is good with you and your family?  We are so happy with our beautiful Lily. She has such a nice character and beautiful body! Now her weight is 9kg. We have fun every day. Her fur looks nice and it's easy to comb. We went to dogs school and she likes to run and play in our big garden or woods around. Even she tried to swim in the pool.

Sarah I am so pleased you chose this wonderful dog for us. It couldn't had been a better choice! She likes to play with children and she is friendly to other dogs!  Thank you so much again and have a nice summer.

Susanne, Germany

Hi Sarah.  Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Ruby is doing on the eve of her 1st birthday!  Ruby is loving life with us, she loves the beach best of all and has many doggy friends that we see during walkies. Everyone knows Ruby, there's no other dog on the beach like her! Everyone wants to take her home! People always comment she is like a teddy bear and what a gorgeous colour she is.  Ruby is so friendly and well mannered too (however, if anyone has treats in their pocket she's a madam for jumping up and following them down the beach!!!!)  Ruby loves grabbing slippers and socks and running off with them so we chase her.  She makes us laugh every day.  Ben adores her and she has brought so much happiness to his life (ours too). Ruby certainly loves the water (paddling when the tides in and jumped in a river or two) and she loves to dig in the sand.  Ruby passed her silver kennel club training a couple of months ago...what a clever girl!  And Ben and I continue to teach her new tricks at home.  Ruby is exactly as we had hoped and she's just beautiful.  Best wishes from The Magers.

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Hi Sarah

Just wanted to drop you a line and say that we’ve had a great first week with Monty. He’s settled in really well a bright little boy will sit on command and also will fetch his ball in the garden.

He’s been quick at learning to go outside and use the toilet and have had very few accidents inside. Even in some of the wild weather we’ve had recently he’s happy to go out. Monty’s got used to his harness and lead and is great on his walks and doing all the right things when he meets new dogs. He’s met lots of Freya and Maxs friends who all think he is gorgeous.

He is eating well but not a greedy dog. He’s great fun and we all love him to bits. I must admit we succumbed and he sleeps in our bedroom at night but is happy to sleep on his cushion on the floor and sleeps right through, so everyone’s happy. He’s loving, friendly, gentle and lots of fun and very cuddly of course.

We start puppy classes this coming week which I’m looking forward to. He’s very much part of the family and its lovely to have a dog in the house again.

Best wishes Clare


Gus is everything we could wish for– he is delightful!
A very happy, loving and well-behaved pup who has added so much joy to our household. He has made many friends, as he is very sociable and absolutely adorable. He has a friend called Binky, who is the same age. He does love toilet paper and racing around the house. He particularly likes sleeping next to our bed!
Thank you so much for introducing us to Gus as he suits us perfectly.

Love from, The Sargents
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Dear Sarah,

We are very proud to tell you that our Tess ( born in 10.03.2013) has become a Servicedog. I have to live with a Multiple Sclerosis and Tess has learnt to help me ( take up things, helps to get off my clothes, put clothes into the washing machine etc.). So I am very happy!!
She is really a wonderful dog, friendly and always interested to please me!
So again: Thank you for this great dog!

Best regards
CH Europe

Just a quick update on Reggie. He is simply a delight, I don’t know what else I can say about him.
Yes he is mouthing, yes he has the odd toilet accident, yes he is hard work, yes he likes shoes! But this little man has made such an impact on our lives and the list of positives is huge - he is a very smart boy. He is developing his social skills with lots of outings and is attending dog training classes and our nights are quiet! Today he has coming to work with me for a few hours and is sleeping peacefully by my desk.
I know we are only two weeks into having him and we may well have some less positive times to come, but I can’t grumble at all with his progress.
I hope everyone else who has a puppy from this litter have the same start as we have had.


Well it does not seem 12 months ago that Wilson came into our lives.  He is an adorable little chap who is very gentle & loving, all the dog owners in the park know Wilson, & people who see him say he is the most beautiful dog the have ever seen.  He was fine with the fireworks thanks to your acclimatisation when he was with you.  He loves children & plays with his 2 dog friends Sydney & Wooffie every day.  
He loves to run round with other dogs in the park, but if they don't want to play he leaves them alone ( he really does have a lovely nature )
We are so pleased that we got him from you, he is all that we could have wished for.  He is not destructive and he sleeps in his bed from 10pm to 7am without making any noise during the night.  When we give him a treat he takes it so gently ( not like some dogs )
I could go on praising him all day.   Thank you for Wilson
We love him to bits.  DH

Hi Sarah

I can't begin to explain to you what joy Coco is bringing into our lives.  She's just fitted right into our family!  She sleeps so well at night.  She is so clever!  I think she understands what I say!  She gets 'go potty' when I take her out and she sleeps so well.  I could not ask for more.  She's exceeded all my expectations.  We can't wait to take her out on outings in a week or so.  We wanted to let you know what an amazing joy you've done as a breeder.  You got us the perfect dog!  Thank you!  Alicia


Hi Sarah, as you know Chula has been very distressed by the thunderstorms we sometimes experience here and I thought I would update you after you sent us the CLIX SOUNDS CD to help her overcome her fears. We have used it for both the dogs. Typically we haven’t had a single thunderstorm since we got the Cd!! However Izzy was very nervous ( but not as distressed as Chula) with bangs ( we get hunters at this time of year) and fireworks. Fantastic news! Izzy now almost ignores guns whether we are indoors or outside. Fireworks were much improved too. No problems over Spanish Christmas ( January 6th) and much improved at New Year.Thank you once again from us all.  Claire, Spain.
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